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Home » Arts

Today on the internet, is not true jewel for all lovers of painting, oil painting and decorating the walls.

This new child, the moment for several months, has been put art and wall decor markets, reversed.

Imagine Outlet reverse lquivalent p 1% w purchases to factories, clearing organizations to limit carbon gas Limpact environemental sell products on the site of children.

This practice pp furniture manufacturer vritables price originally Factory

In this furniture on the internet you will find a collection of tables, oil paintings, original paintings artist Steen Boesvang.

Typical for all oil paintings, each room is a unique piece, painted primer book and not mounted on wood cha ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 216 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

Rickety roof, dull plain white walls are a common sight coming from the schools of the region, not least the views of schools in India.

However, who would have thought, a regular sight you see that, do not look at the school Niranjana Public Welfare in India. Because the school is successfully serving decorating classrooms incredible impressive, coming from Wall Art Festival, as reported by the Amusing Planet, Wednesday (05/21/2014).

Yes, Wall Art Festival held each year aims to provide support to the school in delivering a variety of problems in the village Sujata to a wide audience. On the other hand, also to inculcate the art within students early on.

Meanwhile, Wall Art Festival this time successfully invited Japanese artist Yusuke Asai to partic ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 227 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

Modern art is a work of art produced in the period stretching between 1860 to 1970 by using the style and philosophy of art produced at that time. Basically, the world of modern art is within the structure of broader social culture as a result of development of the world during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Although certain works sometimes labeled "art only for art" and tried to keep away from real life, art is always an expression of the human condition as well as the values ​​of other cultures found in society. Modern artists in general to experiment with new styles to produce a unique and fresh ideas about the function of art and the materials used. They tend to create works of art produced from deep feelings and creative inspirations in general. Even if their work does not seem to have any purpose or meaning in general, the f ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 246 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

folk art conditions in the area of ​​real Wonogiri is potential, attractive and attractive once, but as if it had never been the existence of a coaching from art institutions, cultural institutions and even untapped or touched by artists, art students and graduates of art is in Wonogiri. One sutu form of folk art that is is a folk art mouse.

folk art mouse is actually derived from Ponorogo, Because Ponorogo area with Wonogiri very close together, it is not wonder that folk art mouse can live and thrive in the area Wonogiri. An example of folk art mouse groups the roomates is in the area of ​​Sari Rejo village, village Ngadirojo Kidul, Ngadirojo that still exist are Often held training as well as frequent performances: such important events Anniversary Wonogiri district, the Independence ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 271 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

France is one of the many tourist attractions visited by tourists both local and international. Many interesting places to visit there, such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, and Louvre which is the art of world architecture. Many important things were born in France, football legend Zinedine Zidan also born in France. There are still a lot of interesting things emerged in France. However there are some interesting facts from the French, who need to know.

  • Although only the size of Texas, France has seven mountainous and five major river systems.
  • France is one of the largest countries in Western Europe, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Andorra and Monaco share limit.
  • France is home to 29 UNESCO World Heritage Sites ... Read more »
Category: Arts | Views: 214 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

Abstract Art

Abstract art is one kind of contemporary art that does not depict objects in the real world, but the use of color and form in a non-representational way. At the beginning of the 20th century, the term is used to describe the art of cubism and art are like futuristic.

Understanding Abstract Painting

Abstract paintings often raises questions among average people.

What is this painting? Why there is no form? Just like doodles! Painting as elusive. Such statements are often thrown when one is dealing with abstract painting.

Because it does not propose anything concrete, abstract paintings seem difficult to understand. Only certain people who like this kind of painting. Impression, abstract painting into works of art elite and only ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 194 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-16 | Comments (0)

The beauty of art is not only seen in paintings or other art objects. The beauty of art can be described on a wall of the house when we were able to give a touch of art in it. A touch of art on the walls must be done with paint that through the creative process. The creative process includes creative ideas and creative painting technique that will produce a unique touch paint as the beauty of art.

The beauty of art painted on the walls of the house were able to move a person with very deep without the words out. The beauty of art can bring positive effects for life, because art makes life more beautiful. Apply ideas and inspiration in painting the walls of the house with a creative and unique way this into your home as the beauty of the art that is able to give a positive effect for you.

1). Rep ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 195 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-16 | Comments (0)

Art gallery is a space where various forms of art displayed to the public. Various sculpture, hand woven, photographs, illustrations, installation art, painting and applied arts. The works of various artists on display in the room or group of rooms in the series o art lovers can evaluate and admire the skills and innovative thinking. Painting is routine and common display means.

The main purpose of the art gallery is to provide recognition and promote emerging talent. It also benefited in creating awareness of art among the general public. One can also understand as an attempt to perpetuate the art. People come to this art gallery to share interests and to gain more knowledge about art. Art galleries can be defined as the best place for debutant artists like when they show their work they get both positive and negative feedba ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 191 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-16 | Comments (0)

Contemporary art is art that influenced the development of the impact of modernization and used as a general term since the term Contemporary Art developed in the West as the product of art created since World War II. This term is grown in Indonesia as the increasingly diverse techniques and mediums used to produce a work of art, but also because there has been a practice of mixing between different disciplines, artistic choices, and the choice of presentation of the work which is not bound boundaries of space and time.

Another interpretation of the contemporary art practice in Indonesia:

The removal of the septum between the various artistic tendencies, characterized by melting the boundaries between art, theater, dance, and music.
Intervention and social science disciplin ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 260 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-16 | Comments (0)

Painting is one example of pure art that prioritizes aesthetic value than use value. In general, a work of art is an expression of an idea or expression of a painter. Most painters will usually find satisfaction with the work he produces. The artists can freely express themselves in a painting to produce a work that has a high aesthetic value.

For connoisseurs of painting, a painting is the beauty that causes admiration that not infrequently the collector could spend some money that does little just to have a painting that steal attention. Therefore, although it does not pay attention to the value of, the work of art is one of the works of art that have high economic value.

Painting is a pure two-dimensional art as outlined in the medium of painting (canvas, paper, DLS) using painting tools ... Read more »

Category: Arts | Views: 644 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-16 | Comments (0)

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