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About Instaforex:

Instaforex broker founded in 2008, with headquarters in Russia, from the data instaforex website in 2011 there have been 37 introducing broker (IB) from Indonesia, which has a complete office address and this as evidence that serious Instaforex to be one of the best forex broker in Indonesia. Besides having a lot of IB in Indonesia, Instaforex also working with local exchanger online to facilitate tradernya the deposit and withdrawal of funds (withdraw), with the cooperation ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 295 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-05 | Comments (0)

Everyone wants to be successful in life. But only a few people who want to try toachieve that goal.
When a baby is first learning to walk, maybe he knew that he could fall and get hurt. But with such bold regardless of the risk of bruises on his knees or maybe scratched when falling, he tried to happily go step by step until he could walk and then run.
Through the courage to take risks, normal if the child fell several times, but without being forced he would get up and try to continue until finally managed to reach an important stage in this age. This may be understood.
At this life we ​​often take risks without thinking whether our actions have consequences or not. However, if we are going to stop when we already advanced age?
The answer is only one: we cease to develop themselves further and remain at our office which cons ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 219 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Someone who tried to jump in forex trading, inevitably, he'll meet with the current forex broker where to look for. Well, it can be very easy, or vice versa. Well, how come? Can be easy if they just follow what appeared at the time meakukan google search 'forex broker'.

Instead, it would be time-consuming when trying to see one by one, see the detail, and then comparing one with another broker. Hmm ... it is better that way, we should really know before making your choices. But what if in Google produces dozens or even hundreds of online forex broker? :)

Earlier, forex broker is a party (company, or agent) which serves as an intermediary that bridges between the buyer and seller. Surely broker will attract a fee / commission as their profit and operational costs. ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 293 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Singapore can easily boast one of the commercial and social success stories has been the greatest place in the world over the past decades. Singapore's economic success famous. Its economy has been growing at a rate of more than 7% per year since independence in 1965, and is now regarded as one of the leading commercial location in the world, boasting the fourth largest financial center, along with being one of the five busiest ports for freight traffic.

Over the years, has become a center of finance and distribution for Asia, and the total volume of trade through the port are actually four times the size of the GNP, the highest in the world. This economic performance has come as a result of hard work and far-sighted government's desire to maintain a free and open economy, avoiding subsidies, ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 164 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

It should be clear by now that margin accounts are risky and not for all investors. Leverage is a double-edged sword, amplifying losses and gains to the same degree. In fact, one of the definitions of risk is the degree that an asset swings in price. Because leverage amplifies these swings then, by definition, it increases the risk of your portfolio. 

Returning to our example of exaggerated profits, say that instead of rocketing up 25%, our shares fell 25%. Now your investment would be worth $15,000 (200 shares x $75). You sell the stock, pay back your broker the $10,000, and end up with $5,000. That's a 50% loss, plus commissions and interest, which otherwise would have been a loss of only 25%. 

Think a 50% loss is bad? It can get much worse. Buying on margin ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 183 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Indicators of volume in the forex market showing interest traders or investors against a given currency pair. The volume of the forex market is not measured in the number of contracts traded or magnitude of the contract because forex trading is not centralized as well as stock trading. In this case the volume measured by tick, and in the event of changes in the bid (and ask) on the display trading platform, then the volume will increase.

High volume is due to frequent price changes and otherwise low volume shows the rarity of price changes that occur. When a holiday in major world markets such as the current Christmas and New Year holidays, the volume tends to be low even very low. Added large volume at price levels that are important hinted the possibility of forwarding direction of the trend (trend continuatio ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 181 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Perhaps you've heard or read his own testimony some traders who become victims of misuse of funds by the fraudsters forex broker. Which is often the question is why companies like it can continue to operate on the internet? This occurs because the Internet is a free world, and will remain there as long as the website server hosting and domain fees paid. Some traders who had stuck with forex brokers such as lack of education and knowledge about forex investment.

Forex Broker Company danger Yang unregulated

  • The brokerage company that is not regulated much is headquartered in countries remote offshore and free. This means that there are no legal provisions concerning crimes strict financial investments imposed. Of course scam brokerage firm will not re ... Read more »
Category: Trading Forex | Views: 191 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-01 | Comments (0)

Forex Trading Signal or Signal This is a kind of instant relief to you that contains a BUY or SELL orders in the market, with the purpose is to generate profit.

These trading signals can help you to overcome the problematic trading often difficult to generate profits, especially for the beginners in the world of Forex Trading.

Through this we are a team of professionals who can assist you instantly in analyzing the market and determine buy and sell what is best, and when the Closing Order for her. AND ALL THIS IS FREE!

You stay with easy to follow our signals by visiting our blog at any time or to register yourself to receive the signal information via email or SMS / By Twitter

O ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 151 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-01 | Comments (0)

News trading, some traders may avoid trading when there are fundamental news will be released. Trading when there's news release does have a much higher risk than trade at the normal time. Why?

When there is a news release, often followed by a spike or a stepping considerable price.

Fundamental News by category Big Impact, could cause spike 30 pips up over 100 pips in a matter of seconds. Currently this news the price speculators usually take advantage of opportunities to gain big profits in a short time.

Not only when the fundamental news in the release, a few minutes before the news is usually the price has also been volatile. Therefore, if you do not want a big loss, you should stay away ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 174 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-01 | Comments (0)

There are many books out there trading. Many of these books are not too good. Here is a list of the ten best trading book that will help new traders to shorten their learning curve and achieve their trading goals, no matter which market you follow, be it futures, stocks, forex or currency, no matter what your trading style, either The trend trading, swing trading or day trading. These books are of course very helpful for professional traders as well.

1.Reminiscences of a Stock Operator by Edwin Lefevre

2.Market Wizards: Interviews with Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager

3. The New Market Wizards: Conversations with America's Top Traders by Jack D. Schwager

4.Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street's C ... Read more »

Category: Trading Forex | Views: 176 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-01 | Comments (0)

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