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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » Modern Art Paintings
6:52 PM
Modern Art Paintings

Modern art is a work of art produced in the period stretching between 1860 to 1970 by using the style and philosophy of art produced at that time. Basically, the world of modern art is within the structure of broader social culture as a result of development of the world during the late 19th century and early 20th century. Although certain works sometimes labeled "art only for art" and tried to keep away from real life, art is always an expression of the human condition as well as the values ​​of other cultures found in society. Modern artists in general to experiment with new styles to produce a unique and fresh ideas about the function of art and the materials used. They tend to create works of art produced from deep feelings and creative inspirations in general. Even if their work does not seem to have any purpose or meaning in general, the fact that the work has its own meaning depending on what is happening in the circumstances at any particular time and in accordance with the wider intellectual community.

Beginning in the 1900s

Although modern sculpture and architecture is expected to start growing at the end of the 19th century, the results of modern painting works of art can be found much earlier. In general it can be said in 1863 as the beginning of the birth of modern art, because in that year Edouard Manet exhibition featuring the painting "Le déjeuner sur l'herbe" in the "Salon des Refusés" in Paris. According to art historian and cultural H. Harvard Arnason, years like 1855 (the year Gustave Courbet exhibition '' The Artist's studio '') and in 1784 (the year in which the 'Jacques-Louis David' finish his painting '' The Oath of the Horatii ''), is the "important moments in the history of modern art, although it can not be categorized as an early sign of the beginnings of modern art as a whole ..... gradual metamorphosis that takes place within a hundred years."

Impression-Sunrise (1867) is a Claude Monet painting that is considered as a sign of the start of the flow of impressionism and modernism art. In the past two decades, the painter in France and other artists to learn the direction of the light as it creates a landscape or other painting. In the berjudulA Paul Cézanne paintings Modern Olympia (1873-1874), some researchers see another example of how modern art abandoned Realism and Naturalism with a line through the boundaries between the shape of the object. This painting depicts a naked woman lying on a cloud collection in simple color composition.

Early 20th century

In the early 1900s, cubism and surrealism artists, including Picasso, Braque, Dali, and Miro, continuing the development of modern art in the direction of abstract art. For example, in 1907, Pablo Picasso cubism art stream inventor, demonstrates how geometry can express the depth of various shapes such as the figure of the female body and the shape of the folds of drapery through his painting "The Dance of the Veils" (Naked in the folds of the curtain). In 1919, when Georgia O'Keeffe painting "Blue and Green Music", works of art in America began to be influenced by the style of art cubism and surrealism. in the Blue-Green's paintings, O'Keeffe using curvilinear pattern (curve) that is the style of the Cubism movement which depicts the emotional expressions using a colorful mix of blue and green. In addition, this painting also shows the clear lines that are used in modern art when needed to express the concept with artistic vision.

Modern art starting from legacy painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cézanne, Paul Gauguin, Georges Seurat and Henri de Toulouse Lautrec is regarded as the pioneer of the development of modern art. At the beginning of the 20th century, Henri Matisse and several other young artists including the pre-cubist Georges Braque, André Derain, Raoul Dufy and Maurice de Vlaminck revolutionized the Paris art world with paintings of "wild", baragam colors, panoramas that expressive and paintings of the human figure, called by critics homage to Fauvism. Two versions of Henri Matisse painting "The Dance" is a significant key point in his career and in the development of modern art. The work of Henri Matisse would reflect the admiration of primitive art: the use of a strong warm colors of objects on color background cool blue-green as well as a series of rhythmic movements of figures dancing naked generate taste emotional liberation and hedonism.

Middle and towards the end of the 20th century

Artists such as Jackson Pollock painting technique by pouring new emotional style through Abstract Expressionism art form. In his work In One: Number 31, 1950, Pollock used a technique using acrylic paint spark to create abstract compositions in white, black and gray are keen on brown canvas. On entering the 1960s, Andy Warhol combines culture with a plastic paced world of advertising. She is well known to use celebrities and advertising articles like Campbell's soup cans to create art that represents his time.

Nearing the end of the 1970s, when the critics started talking about "the end of the painting" (the title of a provocative article by Douglas Crimp in 1981), new media art has become a category of art in itself, with increasing artists who perform experimentation using technology such as video art. Painting back into something that is new and important in the 1980s and 1990s, as evidence of the rise of neo-expressionism style of art and the art of figurative painting. Towards the end of the 20th century, some artists and arkitktur began to question what the word "modern" and created a new concept of Postmodern works.

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