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A. Identity General

Name: Sukapura Raya Sejahtera Abadi
Email: Sukapura

B. Strategy

Raise the awareness of society in developing an attitude Tengggang Rasa, Upholding high value - the value of humanity, Respect for the rights of others, Upholding high Harkat and Human Dignity and the value - the value of Truth and Justice, acknowledged Equation Degrees, Equality and Equal Obligations fellow Human, Strengthening For the sake of unity and fraternity rope of National Unity.

Intelligent and Independent Building Society, Community Economic promote small Urban and Rural Poor People and creates Five Million Jobs is the main goal.

C. Objectives

Sukapura Raya Sejahtera Abadi aims to realize the ideals and the Government dignified and authoritative within cultivate and advance the lives of Public Economy of small urban and rural poor, law, human rights, strengthen unity and national unity principles Basic 1945, Pancasila and Unity in Diversity ,

D. Vision

Being a small community empowerment centers Urban and Rural Poor communities in deciding Chain Poverty and improve the general welfare.

E. Mission

Promote the creation of an intelligent society, fair and peaceful as well as the fulfillment of Sense of Justice, respect the rights of others and respect the law in accordance with the principles of justice, equitable access to development is an important step.

Livelihoods and increase incomes Society in efforts to maintain the sustainability of Nature, as well as provide awareness and education to the public regarding Natural Resources.

Facilitate decision making on the implementation of a development program that puts a Regional Gender balance.

Rural and Urban Community Development in the Economy, Health, Skills, clean water, and the Role of Women.

Communities can berpartisifasi in determining the direction of development and access to basic needs to reduce the number of urban and rural poor people by half.

Human and Community Development, Safety and continuity Global, Environment, Natural Resources and the improvement of education and Poor Child Health and Community development.

Build a network of community action groups, exchange of information, cooperation between cities, study together in the protection, maintenance, repair Art, Culture and History that has academic value.

Promoting Global Society to remove inequalities Social Affairs - Economic between the Rich and the Poor.

Creating a life together that Peace and Justice by transforming how to deal with conflict through methods that mobilize solidarity, participation and pluralism.

Promotion of equality for those very shortcomings and strengthen solidarity among communities of different ethnic and religious. Fight for the realization of democratic society by enforcing the Human Rights and People's Sovereignty.

Encourage the process of transformation of Social and Economic Community to achieve order-based Fair, Independent and Equivalents.

Support all efforts to remove other forms of discrimination on the basis of: religion, tribe, Race and Gender

Build strong communities globally that provide the opportunity for them to have the dignity of life, improve the health of families and participate in the life of Democracy.

Strengthen the ability Grassroots Coalition and cooperation networks and by way of a relationship between the Government, business sector and individuals to achieve justice in the Field of Social, Economic and Environmental.

Mutually beneficial inter-State, market and society provide inspiration and basis for taking action to end poverty, ensuring justice and achieving greater equality.

True to the principle of struggle, Honesty, Justice, Unity and Integrity is the capital to achieve a common goal.

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