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Cryptography is the science that studies how to keep data or messages remain secure when transmitted, from sender to receiver without interference from third parties.
According to Bruce Scheiner in his book "Applied Cryptography", cryptography is the science and art of keeping distributing messages to stay safe (secure).
Cryptographic concept itself has long been used by humans for example in Egypt and Roman civilizations although still very simple. The principles underlying cryptographic namely:

  • Confidelity (confidentiality) is a service that the content of the message sent remains confidential and unknown to the other party (unless the sender, the receiver / parties have licenses). Generally this is done by creating a mathematical alg ... Read more »
Category: Networks | Views: 221 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Create a Microsoft account

To create a Microsoft account associated with the email address of the company:

Visit the Microsoft account.

Click Sign up now, and follow the instructions to create a new Microsoft account.
Once you have entered or completed the registration procedure, the local administrator or a global network of partner companies you have to send an invitation from Managing partner membership center of the page.
When you receive an invitation, follow the instructions in Microsoft's email account associated with your company partner network membership.

Why do you need a Microsoft account to join the Microsoft partner network

You need a Microsof ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 204 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Because traffic flows through radio waves in wireless networks, it is easy for an attacker to monitor and attack data without having to be physically connected to the network. Attackers gain access to the network to be within range of a wireless network that is not protected. A technician must know how to configure wireless access points and network interface card (NIC) to the appropriate level of security.

When installing the wireless service, you must apply wireless security techniques immediately to prevent unwanted access to the network as shown in Figure 1. Wireless access points must be configured with basic security settings that are compatible with existing network security.

An attacker can access data when transmitted over radio signals. A wireless encryption system can be ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 208 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

The security policy is the definition of what it means to be safe for an organization, system or other entities. For an organization, it addresses constraints on the behavior of its members as well as the constraints imposed on the enemy by mechanisms such as doors, locks, keys and walls. For systems, security policies address the constraints on the functioning and the flow between them, constraints on access by external systems and enemies, including programs and access to the data by people.

If it is important to secure, then it is important to ensure that all security policies enforced by a mechanism that is strong enough. There is an organized methodology and risk assessment strategies to ensure the completeness of security policy and ensure that they are actually enforced. In a complex system, such as system inf ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 310 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

GNS3 is one of a network simulator software that uses GNU / GPL v2, GNS3 is presented in a graphic form that could present a simulation for complex networks. To provide a complete simulation. GNS3 can make you want to learn to obtain and complete the CISCO certification (CCNA, CCNP, CCIP, CCIE, JNCIA, JNCIS, and JNCIE)

GNS3 requires some other software to support, among them:
- Dynamips: core program that allows Cisco IOS emulation.
- Dynagen: a text-based interface for Dynamips.
- Qemu: emulation and virtualization applications that are opensource general.

Here are the results of a review that has been conducted by the authors in designing a simple network, with 3 router (Jakarta, Gorontalo, Makassar) are interconnected, to link the three router with 2 pieces of ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 198 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

One of the easiest ways to understand network traffic to consider the analogy with road traffic. consider that there is an emergency and someone has fallen ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. But when the ambulance trying to make its way through the streets of the city, he found the road completely blocked with cars and buses. The solution to this situation would be for a traffic policeman to enter and manage traffic. He would first measure the traffic, and then prioritize traffic. Ambulance will get the highest priority and the road will be made empty for ambulances to pass. Similar is the case with Network Traffic. When you send a request to the network,

due to some problem or other requests you have to wait for some time. If during the period of time the number of packets to queue and wait for the traffic it gen ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 193 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

1. Angry IP ScannerThis tool can ping an IP address and a port scanner with very quickly and provide a variety of optional data of each address. Many plug-ins are available to expand its capabilities, and if you can write Java code, it is easy to write your own extensions to find out what information you need to monitor and manage your network. These tools can run on operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.

2. Winfingerprint
This Windows-only network monitoring tool providing information about the OS, users, groups, share, SID, transportation, sessions, services, service packs and hotfixes level, date and time, disk, and open ports. These tools run on operating systems: Windows.

3. AIM Sniff
Want to know how many employee ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 209 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Troubleshooting network is a systematic process that is applied to solve the problem on the network. Most network troubleshooting is conducting a series of steps to eliminate potential problems one by one before we find the source of the problem. Basically there are three basic steps in conducting network troubleshooting, namely: isolate the problem; troubleshooting problems; and problem-solving solutions.

Trouble Shooting networks caused by several things including:
1. Damage to the physical level (the Network), such as Switch, Ethernet Card, and Network Cable

2. Settng & Network Configuration is not correct
Example: Cable Crimping wrong, IP Settings One, etc.

3. Virus Network

Here are some tr ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 300 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Network security in computer networks is essential to monitor network access and prevent misuse of network resources that are not valid. The task of network security is controlled by the network administrator.
There are two main elements forming the network security:

Security wall

both physical and virtual, which is placed between the device and network service which is used and those who would do evil.

Security plan

which will be implemented in conjunction with other users, to keep sistemtidak impenetrable from the outside.

Advanced Computer Networks

• Security Plan, which will be implemented ... Read more »

Category: Networks | Views: 210 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

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