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Home » Loans

Which one is better; between applying for loans without collateral to the bank or non-bank credit compared with Islamic banks?
The answer of course depends on your needs and abilities.

As we know, credit or loans without collateral, although easily and quickly in the process and filing, but the requirements demanded also not easy. Usually there are some requirements that you must meet before you permohonana processed.

Suppose that, on average, banks generally require mnimal limit income between Rp 2-5 million dibuktikkan with their paycheck, or at least you should be a payroll customer of the bank where you want to apply for a loan.

With such requirements, would have been a little difficult for those who work as entrepreneurs or freelancers; ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 166 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

Australia's central bank unexpectedly cut interest rates to many observers of 0.25 percent, the first step in the last 18 months.

Commonwealth Bank (CBA) which is the largest bank in Australia to follow the same footprint by lowering lending rates by 0.25 per cent to 5.65 per cent.

CBA step was followed by other banks, Westpac which lowered interest rates higher, 0.28 percent, although the overall level of interest rates is still 5.7 percent after being unloaded.

For Commonwealth Bank and Westpac, the loan interest rate is the lowest in the last six years.

CBA said that customers who have a home loan debt amounted to $ 300 thousand dollars, will pay 48 dollars less each month from now on because of the decline ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 203 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-04 | Comments (0)

If I am not mistaken quotation from an article in a leading business magazine in the country, about 75% of Indonesian people buy a car on credit. Either through banks or financial institutions (leasing) others. Of course this is a very lucrative market for the financing / bank on the one hand and for consumers / buyers to buy a car (especially new cars) by means of setting up their credit with only about 10% -30% down payment may already have a car , But we realize that behind easy to have a car on credit, it appeared that we had to pay a cost that is very expensive. I will lay out below calculations and explanations are complete.

Consumer understanding is Not Complete

Notice that during this time if we want to buy a car on credit, our main consideration and preparation is j ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 219 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

Fast online payday loans can be easily accessed by going to the Internet and find sites with facilities to help you get a loan.
It is very easy to qualify for the fast payday loans online. Criteria are very basic but you must be an American citizen and worked with a certain amount of income, will be aged 18 or above and have an active checking account. The majority of payday loan-seekers prefer to go online because the speed of which were processed and the many options available on the Net.

You can narrow down your options with a lender who will provide the necessary funding and how interest rates. Sites that offer some of the lenders from which to choose now has become increasingly popular. Sitting in the comfort of your home, with your laptop tryin ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 206 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

Prospective students from disadvantaged families do not be discouraged about college opportunities. Prospective students who are not disadvantaged receive college scholarships can still go to college with soft loans.

Students Nations, one of the Putera Sampoerna Foundation's initiative in the form of cooperatives and provide financial assistance to outstanding students from disadvantaged families Indonesia. Through the National Student Fund program, prospective students from poor families can obtain a soft loan funds, long-term education.

Long-term soft loans for education through the National Student Fund program is the first program in Indonesia. More recently, the program Students Nations Fund received funding amounting to 5 million US dollars, or approximately USD 45 billion.

... Read more »
Category: Loans | Views: 205 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-07-03 | Comments (0)

The Australian dollar strengthened against 12 of 16 major currencies after rising home loans in Australia which exceeded economists' estimates, stoking optimism about economic recovery.

Aussie is one of six major currencies outperform the dollar this month, related to the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) cut its target interest rate to a record low of 2% on May 5, a decrease in interest rates for the second time this year. The Australian Government's annual budget on Tuesday evening Sydney time. The US dollar rose this month as compared to other major currencies, according to data from Bloomberg, as traders assess the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates this year.

The Aussie rose 0.8% to a level of 79.55 US cents at 10:11 pm London time. While the Dollar fell 1% to a level ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 223 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

One way to increase of the return of the savings is by investing the money, and Amanah Saham Bumiputera (ASB) is a place for it. However, a person should Consider Reviews their lifestyle and / or personality before signing any contract of loan as a retraction from the deal may cause the person to lose Reviews their money they had vested. Some investment can bring a good return to the investor but it can also go down or up the which is a risks - a person face when doing the investment - unlike the roomates is fixed deposit accounts.

The Basics of ASB Loan

Amanah Saham Nasional Berhad (ASNB) is a government supported unit trust management company providing loans such as ASB. Only Malaysian Bumiputeras are eligible to apply for the loan, and the ASB account with the lending bank would onl ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 300 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Every bank that offers products Ownership Loan (KPR) always promotes low interest rates. Even the war had occurred interbank interest rate in order to get the attention of people who want to have a dream home. However, there are other things that should be considered when you want to take a mortgage, the interest calculation method applied.
Before advancing to the method of calculation of interest, it must be understood that we pay mortgage installments each month consists of two elements, namely the debt installments of principal and interest payments to banks. Departing from the base, there are three methods of interest calculation.
First, the method of flats. In this method, the amount of interest that has been designated as a creditor bank debt multiplied the initial loan principal debtor, even though we've mengang ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 203 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

In an effort to have a dream car, a car loan financing solutions are not taken by most people. Even for those who have abundant income and savings though, rarely decide to buy a car in cash. Because by buying a car on credit, then the financial traffic will take place more regularly, especially for those who have enough spending each month.

While on the other hand, fear due to load large enough mortgage interest can be an obstacle for someone to take a car loan. For example, the price of a car Rp 300 million, if paid in installments, the total costs could eventually reach USD 350 million, depending on the interest rates set.

However, the amount of interest expense that must be repaid to be able to have a dream car is not set in stone and can still be circumvented. The installment burden can b ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 232 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

Credit unions are managed the same way with the cooperative in general just that there are several different technical sections. The basic concept used in cooperative must be understood first by the board fahulu you can see the post about the management of the cooperative to learn more about the basic concept of cooperative management.

Management of Credit Unions

In general, the scope of business activities of credit unions is the collection and distribution of funds berbetuk lending mainly riding and for members. At perkembanganya indeed credit unions serve not only members but also the wider community.

The activities of the liabilities side. Credit unions from the aspect of funding liabilities conducting either of members or the g ... Read more »

Category: Loans | Views: 190 | Added by: mrblue | Date: 2015-06-19 | Comments (0)

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