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Home » 2015 » July » 1 » Sports Marketing Internships
9:17 AM
Sports Marketing Internships


Indonesia, which has a tremendous potential in the sports industry should be able to maximize the potential of using the strategy - sports industry product marketing strategy. The term sports marketing in Indonesia end - the end is starting to sound a lot, especially for some of the sports that are popular in Indonesian society. In Indonesia itself is still difficult to find a theory about sports marketing management, even to find a book of sports marketing management in Indonesia is very difficult.

Indeed, many sports marketing management books in foreign languages, but can not be found in Indonesia. Not to mention that to date not a single writer Indonesia to issue or publish a book on sports marketing management, if any, usually sporting Marketing Management material incorporated into the material of sports management. Therefore for this time I will discuss about sports marketing management in accordance with the knowledge I acquired over the years. In this article we will discuss a brief history of sports marketing, the definition and scope of sports marketing.


Sports marketing history is very little done in the past, in contrast to today where sports marketing activities almost applied to the product in the form of goods or services such as sports events of national, regional and international levels. Similarly, the sports industry has historically said that the sports industry entered a period when the Los Angeles Olympics in 1984, then the marketing activities in sport also initiated during the Los Angels Olympics Organizing Committee in 1984, which was chaired by Peter Ueberroth. In the history of the Summer Olympics is always supported by government funding each - each State which is a host at the time. And for the first time in 1984, the committee did not ask for the support of the government for the first time but the 1984 Olympics managed by businesses that ultimately benefit millions - millions of dollars and lead to economic growth in the United States.

In Indonesia alone sports marketing activities carried out within the framework of competition PSSI LIGA which began in 1980, the last in 2002 called LIGA Bank. Meanwhile, for the first time basketball sports marketing activities in 1982 when a major basketball competition KOBATAMA abbreviated. And until now sports marketing activities at the Branch Sport Basketball is the best in the country ranging from KOBATAMA, IBL and now NBL. Step basketball in 1982, followed by PB PBVSI with LIGAPRO Volleyball competition given the marketing agency PT M-LING, and until recently PB PBVSI with his Proliga Livoli and keep using sports marketing activities. Sports marketing activities are then diikuiti by branches - other sports, although not as big as football, basketball and volleyball.

At this time the sports marketing activities in Indonesia is growing, Branch Sports Bicycles have the Tour de Singkarak which apply the concept of sports travel +, or basketball with the NBL and WNBL increasingly amazing, Volleyball with Proliga and Livolinya, international events or sports events such as Indonesia Super Series Premier who has bewitched the world community and gained recognition as a BWF dati best Badminton event. The goods Indonesia has had a lot of stuff that has a good kualiatas, LEAGUE as one of the original brand of Indonesia had already started to create a buzz with sports equipment, shoes, or clothing - sportswear. And this is what happens now sports marketing activities is already a must for those who engaged in the Sports Industry. Because a very important role as consumers pull to want to buy or can be regarded as a fundraising strategy in international sporting events.


In the sports world, especially in Indonesia the term marketing (marketing) is still associated with the sale. Though the essence of marketing is not just a sale. Due to the sale of a small part of marketing itself. Besides few sports marketers who really - really could be counted on the fingers, most of the existing sports marketers even more did not come from the fields of marketing, so that there is a lot of them are still using concepts or marketing strategy should have been left behind.

Marketing world has entered a phase 3.0, where the purpose of marketing itself is to make a better world. When the 1.0 marketing goal is to sell products, and marketing 2.0 purpose is satisfactory and Maintaining Consumer, then the marketing 3.0 which is and will happen more towards it's goal is to make the world better. There is an element of Spiritual in marketing 3.0 not only fungasional and emotional just like on marketing 1.0 and 2.0. In marketing 3.0 triggered by values ​​- values, marketers no longer treat people alone - as the eyes of the consumer, but do approach to looking at them as a whole person, complete with mind, heart, and spirit. More and more consumers are trying to find solutions to their anxiety to create a better world. In a world full of confusion, consumers will be looking for manufacturers who can meet their deepest needs in the areas of social, economic, and environmental keadalian on the mission, vision and values ​​- values. In products and services that are chosen, consumers are not just looking for a functional and emotional fulfillment but also the fulfillment of the spirit.

In the book - the book Sports management in Indonesia to review on Sports Marketing management, many of which defines simply as a process of Marketing Planning, Pricing, Promotion and Distribution of ideas, goods and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational goals. When you see this definition is the definition of Issued Marketing American Marketing Association issued in 1994. While the marketing world is the world that has a very rapid change. In the second paragraph has been briefed on the changes that occur in the world of marketing. So in this paper, the authors tend to use marketing definition issued by Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan in 2010. Where they define marketing as the harmonization of identity, integrity and image, in other words Marketing is about clearly defining your unique identity and strengthen the authentic integrity to build a strong image. (2010; 47).

While the Sports Marketing can be defined as the subject clearly define the unique identity in a Sports Products and strengthen it with the authentic integrity to build a strong product image. From the definition of sports marketing sports marketing should be redefined as the triangle of the brand, positioning and differentiation equipped with brand identity, brand integrity and brand image. The horizontal consumers worldwide, the brand does not mean anything - what if only articulating positioning. Brand may have a clear identity in the minds of consumers, but not always a good identity. Positioning is a bold statement and sensitize consumers to be - the heart of the brand that is not authentic. While the DNA brand differentiation that reflects the actual brand integrity. Differentiation is strong evidence that the brand deliver what is promised to consumers. Differentiation in synergy with positioning will automatically creating a good brand image.

Brand identity ranges of the positioning your brand in the minds of consumers. Positioning must be unique, so that your brand heard and considered by the market. Positioning also be relevant to the needs and desires of consumers. On the other hand, the integrity of the brand range from about keeping what is expressed through positioning and brand differentiation. It is about how to be credible, keep their promises and creating consumer confidence in your brand. Target of brand integrity is the spirit of consumers. Brand Image latter is about getting a strong part of the emotions of consumers. Brand Value You must appeal to the needs and emotional desires, exceeds the functionality and features of the product itself.

An example is the NBL Indonesia is positioning itself as the "You + Us = We". Differentiation lies in how the NBL Indonesia is able to provide a concept of a professional league in the country that bring the audience / consumer (Lovers Basket) with athletes both on and off the field with the concept of the show they make. Differentiation is the one who is able to reflect the actual brand integrity Indonesia NBL, NBL Indonesia provide strong evidence to the audience / consumers on its promises, "You (audience / consumers) coupled We (Athletes Who Competed During Basketball NBL) at the Kita (fused Be One NBL Indonesia ) ". With the brand promise has been fulfilled in this case NBL Indonesia to consumers on its own brand image among consumers will be positive. Differentiation form NBL Indonesia can be seen from the athletes and spectators during the competition takes place always held NBL Indonesia Games among them closer to each other either in the field or in the arena, it can also be drawn from the activities - activities NBL Indonesia off the pitch as provide direct training to students, social activities, or activities to care for the environment. Athletes Basketball NBL Indonesia plunge into the community, and the audience is also invited to go directly to meet and play with his idol. This is the NBL Indonesia's success in determining the identity of the brand, NBL Indonesia managed to be heard and considered the consumers, NBL Indonesia managed to meet the needs and desires of its customers and ultimately NBL Indonesia is able to determine the identity of the brand. Of it all it can be concluded that the NBL Indonesia has credibility, Keeping Promises and creating consumer confidence. Brand Value successfully meet the emotional needs and desires of its customers not just a mere look at the basketball game.


Mullin (1985) says that marketing management is part of the most dynamic sports management and the most memorable, because of sports marketing scope is Promotion, Advertising, Sales and Public Relations. There are four things that concern Mullin in sports marketing, including:

  • Sports is something that is not real and very subjective, therefore the impression, experience, and diverse interpretation of a sporting event of the per person.
  • Sports is something that is inconsistent and unpredictable, because the possibility of injury to the athlete, the emotional state of the players, team momentum, and weather conditions.
  • Sports are goods that quickly become obsolete, because the sporting event is being contested is what the audience wants to see.
  • Sports emotions.

Of the four things that concern sports marketing according to Mullin looks very clear that Mullin just see Products Sports is a sporting event, but not necessarily when the product is in the form of goods sporting four Mullin attention will be applicable.

Mullin has said that the scope of sports marketing consists of Promotion, Advertising, Sales and Public Relations. Four Scope of Sports Marketing said Mullin has yet to answer the nature of sports marketing have changed, to the scope of this paper covers sports marketing;

Sports Marketing Strategy

The strategy is a way to achieve long-term goals, within the scope of sports marketing strategy, there are three concepts that must be considered include Communitization, Confirmation and Clarification.

Sports Marketing Tactics

Tactics are a series of execution of work of a strategy, in order to achieve the objectives, the scope of the marketing tactics of the sport there are six concepts that must be considered include Codification, Co-Creation, Currency, Communual Activation, Conversation and commercialization.

Value Sports Marketing

Value is the Traffic can be given Producers to Consumers to satisfy consumers themselves. Within the scope of Value that should be considered include Character, Care and Collaboration.

If we do from the standpoint of Sports Industry Products, then the scope of sports marketing, among others: facilities and infrastructure are manufactured, sold and / or leased, goods - sports goods such as sports equipment and supplies, and services sales of sporting activities.

For in-depth discussion on the scope of sports marketing will be discussed at the Sports Marketing management II.

Source Posts:

Prof. Dr. Harsuki, MA in his book "Introduction to Sports management"; 2012

Philip Kotler, Hermawan Kartajaya, Iwan Setiawan in his book "Marketing 3.0"; 2010

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