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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » Soccer Training Equipment
6:36 AM
Soccer Training Equipment

Everyone in the world would know about football. Starting from the men, women, children and even elderly though many are happy with the sport this one. Football is a game that involves 11 people consisting of goalkeeper, defender, midfielder and striker. This sport also delivered many quality players and such legendary Pele, Diego Maradona, Frank Lampard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and many more.

Football history actually started from long before modern. Even the Roman civilization, Greek, and Chinese even play this game only they only play with the dribble by the players to a target. In medieval times, the football played by an unlimited number of players and a ball made from animal intestines or the skin too. So imagine dong a soccer field that can play up to hundreds of people just have some ngerebutin one ball only. Finally pekembangan modern football began in England with the establishment of the FA (Football Association), and not long after the FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) was founded in the idea by Julius Rimet and Henri Delaunay.

Along with the development of football era is not only played by men only even wanitapun no play even made a football world cup also among women. Football game has also evolved banya expansion of the rules, tactics and strategies, medical, and even support technology in football. Well since I was a child so I will discuss IT technology in football.

The development of technology in football is actually very much from football training technology, Costume / jersey, shoes, technology to the court on the field even a football field has been touched by technology advanced technology. Here are the tools. Let's start with the technology to soccer training.

Exercise in football is a very important thing for a football player. Because a player will develop the training. Therefore reasons why many companies world that makes a device that a player can thrive by maximizing the practice. Here's the tool:

M Station.

M-Station is a product of Denmark made of stainless steel and aluminum lightweight, Surface string produces maximum rebound the ball. M-Station is designed as a football practice individually or as a group which use ball control, ball and help kipper in practice (Bolaotomotif, January 2013). Many football clubs are using these tools to train young players and senior one English club Arsenal.

The Footbonout

The footbonaut is a space measuring 14 meters by 64 points persgi shaped hole to the target to pass the ball (see, January 2013). How it works the ball will be in the release of a peregi towards the player who then players will kick the ball 'pass' was towards the box which was given the green color (see how to work on, September 26). Borrusia Dortmund from German club is the first football club to use this technology.

M Frame

M frame is one of eyewear products Oakley.Kebanyakan who wear glasses are sportsmen because of their usefulness very much. These glasses are used for training football players to focus on the sense of sight blingking players to activate the sensor (see, January 2013)


MiCoach is a chip that is found on the shoes adidas F50. MiCoach is the first technology smart shoes which are used to determine and record the performance statistics speed, maximum speed, number of sprints, distance, distance based on the time and level of intensity accurately. Sports technology originating from German is widely used by footballers, tennis players, athletics and many others. MiCoach memory can record all the data matches up to 7 hours and can be transferred wirelessly to the tablet, PC, and MAC (see, January 2013). Soccer players wearing this shoe is Lionel Messi

And many more technologies are still being developed for soccer training. then I will discuss other technologies related to the football here is technology.


Spidercam is a system that allows film and television cameras can take pictures with both vertical and horizontal secar in defined areas. Spidercam device, is used to generate three-dimensional or 3D view in the match. Spidercam a camera device that is able to move without being limited by the constraints on the ground. This camera easily and quietly follow orders pilot or operator. This technology makes the audience closer to the field, so they can see the movement of the players.

Plaster Kinesio

Plestr Kinesio tape is actually found by a doctor from Japan that Kenzo Kase in 1970 and has been used by sportsmen before. But more and more famous for Kinesio tape is used by many football players in the world. Plaster is very flexible and can be used in various parts of the body without disrupting the movement of wearing it. This plaster pemukaannya like snake scales and bias lift the skin and improve blood circulation even increase power by reducing the energy lost when muscles move (see herman, March 2012). Yng football players often use this plaster one of them is Tottenham Hotspur, Gareth Bale.

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