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Home » 2015 » July » 2 » Renovation Properties
6:29 AM
Renovation Properties

Minimalist home renovation costs for the second floor of course do not have to spend time or money is too banyakseperti when building an entire house is minimalist. But first, if there is careful planning and precise calculation would be great, plan a minimalist home renovation to house two floors are affordable and can cost less doubled. If viewed from the process, does not require much in the renovation budget minimalist, but depending on where the first section is updated. budget savings plan for home renovation separated by other savings that will facilitate you in renovating your home.

When you renovate a minimalist house two floors above 75% of the building as a whole, then we are required to ask for permission from the local area and neighboring head left and right, because the process of remodeling can have a negative impact on the surrounding environment. Large amounts of dust, dirt construction noise from morning till night definitely less disturbing those around the house. By asking permission first, then we should follow the practice prevailing in the same kinship between the neighbors remain intertwined harmoniously. Thus the home renovation construction process can run smoothly and on time, but if there is no interference then it all so you do not need but also must pay attention to your surroundings.

Home Remodeling Cost-Effective

When planning a home renovation minimalist, particularly for home 2nd floor, sometimes the problem on a budget. This means that the budget spent is greater than the available budget. Reforms to avoid cost overruns and methods adopted must use low-cost housing floor panel. Use of this floor panel provides many benefits to ensure the quality of the home while ensuring the range of costs to be incurred. That way, if there is swelling funds anxiety can be minimized.

Prefabricated floor panel is a panel that is not too heavy and the weight by using the best quality materials. Lightweight make your applications easier, plus no need to make the structure of the house at the time of renewal. But still we have to examine the condition of the structure before it was to ensure that the structure does not change the condition remains strong and sturdy. If the condition of the structure of the old building has been in normal conditions, then we have to create a new structure even though we use the floor panel.

Characteristics of the floor panel

Floor panel is a component that resembles a light brick building. Differences in the size of the floor panels wider and longer. Note that the floor panel is equipped with strengthening meggunakannya we live only to be ready to accept the load floor panel in accordance with the standards. Panel floor of the building itself is that the two beams opponent, then thrown into the joint. Casting process this relationship becomes the focal point of the ground floor is designed for a long time. The real advantage of this is the application of the floor panel installation is faster because it uses conventional concrete smelting process.

Although it seems easy, but it generally requires a floor panel installation expertise is primarily concerned with the casting process. This means you need to start some mechanism so that the maximum and perfect casting. Before you begin installing the floor panel which we need to make concrete player in completely dry conditions. To ensure delivery can dry out completely, we need approximately one month from the first day until casting is completed. Dryer is the best, which means that if more than one month, quality concrete cast better. With the development of much more powerful than before the upgrade. With the ease of the floor panel and the reform of low-cost housing solutions with the most satisfactory results.

So the elaboration of the budget and the concept created if you do not have much of a budget to renovate the house, so from now on you have to set aside some of your money in addition to their daily fund, education fund, other funds and other pilgrimage you also have to prepare for renovation home.

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