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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » Power Company
9:16 PM
Power Company

DID you know that there are more than 65 companies in the world has a turnover of more than USD 100 billion? This is an astounding value, which is sometimes several times the value of gross domestic product (GDP) of small countries.

In fact, 20 companies in the world can have an income of more than USD 5 billion annually, making them able to buy one or two large-sized state if they want to do.

Of the 65 companies that have annual revenue of USD 100 billion, 21 of which are oil and gas companies (exploitation or processing), while the rest is a collection of enterprises large-scale retail, automotive manufacturing, manufacturers of complementary tools daily , communications service providers, and manufacturers of medicines. All these companies provide employment for millions of people around the world.

Ten companies following a company which has the highest turnover in the world by the year 2013 (based on annual revenues). China, which has begun to scramble with the US to superpower position, is the home of the three companies included in this list, as quoted from The Richet, the following question.

10. Total S.A (Rp 2,811 trillion)

Open the list of 10 companies is total. A giant oil and gas company headquartered near Paris, France. The reported total revenue this year of USD 234.3 billion, or around Rp 2,811 trillion (exchange rate of Rp 12,000). The company is engaged in drilling and exploration of oil, gas, refining, transportation, marketing of products derived from petroleum processing, and trade. Operations also include the production of chemicals.

Total has a business at some point in France. The company also has some business in other countries. Currently, the total is in the stage of producing nuclear energy and renewable energy. They have also acquired 60% shares of SunPower, a photovoltaic company that originated from the US.

9. Volkswagen (Rp 2,971 trillion)

Automotive manufacturing companies coming from Germany this was ranked 9th, with a turnover of USD 247.6 billion. Headquartered in Wolfsburg Germany, this company is the third largest automaker in the world (ranked second according to recent research). Compared to other major car manufacturers, Volkswagen issued its largest costs in research and development side.

8. Toyota Motor Corporation (Rp 3,188 trillion)

Toyota Motor Corporation is headquartered in Aichi, Japan. The company is the world's largest automobile manufacturer, and has produced more than 200 million vehicles today. Toyota is the largest company in Japan, both of the size of market capitalization (market capitalization), as well as revenue. Currently Toyota is part of the Toyota Group, a conglomerate of companies associated with Toyota Industries Corporation and Toyota Motor Corporation. Toyota publish its revenue figure of $ 265.7 billion last year.

7. The State Grid Corporation of China (Rp 3.580 trillion)

State Grid Corporation of China is a state-owned power companies of China. The company is the largest electricity provider in the world, and is responsible for supplying power to the entire area in the country. The company published a turnover of USD 298.4 billion this year.

6. British Petroleum (Rp 4,659 trillion)

Hereinafter petroleum companies, namely British Petroleum which has a turnover of USD 388.3 billion this year. The company is headquartered in London, England, and is one of the largest employment providers in the country. A total of 83,000 workers have been registered in the list of the company payroll. BP operates in 80 countries, and produces 3.3 million barrels of oil per day.

5. China National Petroleum Corporation (Rp 4,086 trillion)

China National Peteoleum Corporation (CNPC) is another petrochemical company, the Chinese government-owned and headquartered in Beijing. They publish their turnover amounted to USD 408.6 billion this year, finished fifth in this list.

4. Sinopec (Rp 5138 trillion)

Sinopec is another petrochemical giant in China, precisely in Beijing. The company has a turnover of USD 428.2 billion. It is one of the three largest oil companies in China, and as the company Asia's largest oil refiner in the amount that is processed each year.

3. ExxonMobil Corp. (Rp 5,398 trillion)

ExxonMobil is oil and gas company based in Irving, Texas, United States and was ranked third with an estimated turnover of USD 449.9 billion. The company has been around a long time. This is the parent company Standard Oil, a company founded by John D. Rockefeller in 1870.

2. Walmart (Rp 5628 trillion)

It is no surprise if Walmart goes into the big 3 in this list. US retail giant recorded a gross income of USD 469 billion in January 2013, and the company continues to increase revenue and profits each year.

1. Royal Dutch Shell (Rp 5,780 trillion)

Corporate giants in the field of oil and gas is the company with the largest turnover in the world, approximately USD 481.7 billion. Royal Dutch Shell was born out of a merger between Royal Dutch Petroleum and Shell Transport and Trading UK in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.

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