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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » News Politik
6:50 AM
News Politik

Politics is the process of formation and distribution of power in society which, among other tangible decision-making process, especially in the country.

This understanding was the merger efforts between the various different definitions of the political nature of which is known in political science.

Politics is the art and science to gain power constitutionally and nonkonstitusional.

In addition, politics can also be traced from different viewpoints, among other things:
is a political effort taken by citizens to realize the common good (the classical theory of Aristotle
politics are matters relating to governance and state
politics is an activity that is directed to gain and maintain power in society
politics is all about the process of formulation and implementation of public policy.

In the context of understanding the need to understand some of the key political, among others: political power, legitimacy, political systems, political behavior, political participation, political process, and is also important to know the ins and outs of political parties
Political theory

Political theory is the study of the concept of the determination of political objectives, how to achieve these objectives and the consequences. The discussion in the Political Theory include political philosophy, the concept of political system, the state, society, sovereignty, power, legitimacy, state agencies, social change, political development, comparative politics, etc.

There are many political systems developed by countries in the world include: anarchism, authoritarian, democracy, dictatorship, fascism, federalism, feminism, religious fundamentalism, globalism, imperialism, capitalism, communism, liberalism, libertarianism, Marxism, meritocracy, monarchy, nationalism, racism, socialism, theocracy, totalitarianism, etc. oligarchy.

Body politic

In layman means an organization, but the organization can also be a habit or behavior pattern. Marriage is a social institution, both of which are recognized by the state through the KUA or Civil Registry in Indonesia and recognized by the community without state recognition. In this context an organization also is a pattern of behavior by giving positions on certain people to perform certain functions for the achievement of common goals, the organization can be formal or informal. Political institutions are patterned political behavior in politics.

Election officials, namely the process of determining who will occupy the position, and then perform certain functions (often as a leader in a field / specific community) is an institution of democracy. Not the general election institute (or its current KPU) but all patterned behaviors we seek and determine who will be the leader or our representatives to sit in parliament.

The main issue in the middle of the country through the transition process towards democracy such as Indonesia currently is the institutionalization of democracy. Namely how to make behavioral decisions for and on behalf of the people can be run in accordance with democratic norms, generally to be overcome is to change feudalistic institution (feudal patterned behavior, that no definite position for those based on birth or profession as royalty political and others as ordinary people) into an open institution and reflects the desire of many people to get welfare.

To institutionalize democracy required legal and regulatory and structural devices that will continue to encourage democratic behavior terpolanya up could be a way of life. Because it is believed that in this way the real prosperity can only be achieved, when individual rights are protected even assisted by the state to be actualized, while each individual relates to other individuals in accordance with the norms and laws.


is a group of people who inhabit the territory of a country.


In political theory refers to the ability to make other people do things that are not wanted. Max Weber wrote that there are three sources of power: first of legislation that authority; The second, from violence as a weapon mastery; The third, of charisma.


the state is a territorial area in which there are a number of residents who live in it, and has the authority to run the government, and its existence is recognized by other countries. The aforementioned provision is a condition of the establishment of a state conference in Montevideo in 1933


An economy is a system of human activity associated with the production, distribution, exchange, and consumption of goods and services. The word "economy" itself comes from the Greek word οἶκος (oikos) which means "family, household" and νόμος (nomos), or "regulation, rule, law," and broadly defined as "household rule" or "management households. "While the economy is an expert or economist is a person using economic concepts and data in the work. The study of economics as a science called economics.

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