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Home » 2015 » June » 19 » Network Traffic
11:43 AM
Network Traffic

One of the easiest ways to understand network traffic to consider the analogy with road traffic. consider that there is an emergency and someone has fallen ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. But when the ambulance trying to make its way through the streets of the city, he found the road completely blocked with cars and buses. The solution to this situation would be for a traffic policeman to enter and manage traffic. He would first measure the traffic, and then prioritize traffic. Ambulance will get the highest priority and the road will be made empty for ambulances to pass. Similar is the case with Network Traffic. When you send a request to the network,

due to some problem or other requests you have to wait for some time. If during the period of time the number of packets to queue and wait for the traffic it generates. Once the traffic is made, you have to wait until completion, which can be for a long time, depending on the situation. So, there must be some way to deal with this situation. This is the solution for Network Traffic Management and the process begins first by measuring the traffic on the network.

Reasons To Measure Network Traffic

The following are reasons to measure network traffic:

  • Monitoring services.
  • Network planning.
  • Cost recovery.
  • Research.
  • Internet Traffic

Basic performance metrics of Internet traffic can be listed as:

  • Packet loss
  • Tardiness
  • Throughput
  • Availability

Controller For Measurement

There are several other controllers associated with measurement requirements, namely:

  • Price
  • Level of Service Agreement
  • New services
  • Application

Traffic Measurement Network

Traffic management placed on the WAN on the company's website. This is where the high-speed LAN access fulfill a lower link speed of the WAN. The intersection of LAN / WAN is the Internet and the traffic in and out the company intranet. Limit or block the network resources available for traffic frivolous or unwanted improve performance ERP, CRM, and others. In addition to monitoring traffic at the network edge, there is a pure performance issues for consideration.

WAN is usually slower than LAN for budgetary reasons. Another factor to consider is that most applications have been developed to run on the LAN. Local networks are generally free of congestion and under the control of an internal IT department. Not only slower WAN access links, but WAN services can also fall under the management linkup multiple network providers. Regulate traffic on network segments helps distributed organizations that rely on the WAN to serve remote users with a centralized resource. In most cases, network administrators use the GUI to set the parameters for some important business.

Traffic Analysis

After monitoring consecutively for several years, LAN and WAN has been seen to follow a different pattern.

Traffic Management

See image below will make understanding network traffic before and after the managed clearer. This figure is a depiction of the transmission medium. Mission critical applications are left with only about 40% of the bandwidth, which means there may be a delay in the transmission of data or transaction processing. This is where the role of traffic management.

Users can make decisions about how much of the amount of bandwidth that he wanted to be kept specifically for mission critical applications and then the rest can be used for something else. We can see that the traffic has been managed in such a way that the maximum bandwidth (nearly 70%) has been provided for mission critical applications. 5% of the bandwidth not used. Normal application is left with only about 25% of the bandwidth.

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