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Home » 2015 » June » 19 » Network Solutions
11:30 AM
Network Solutions

Troubleshooting network is a systematic process that is applied to solve the problem on the network. Most network troubleshooting is conducting a series of steps to eliminate potential problems one by one before we find the source of the problem. Basically there are three basic steps in conducting network troubleshooting, namely: isolate the problem; troubleshooting problems; and problem-solving solutions.

Trouble Shooting networks caused by several things including:
1. Damage to the physical level (the Network), such as Switch, Ethernet Card, and Network Cable

2. Settng & Network Configuration is not correct
Example: Cable Crimping wrong, IP Settings One, etc.

3. Virus Network

Here are some trouble shooting occurred frequently Network

Trouble Shooting:

Status is Connected but can not access internet

Description: Connected Status

Problem Analysis:

This status indicates that the computer connected to the network with a perfect, which is connected to the router / modem in the middle layer in the layer above the image. If the wireless network, the computer connected to the wireless router properly. This indicates there is a problem in the upper layer, namely the Internet.

Make sure in advance with the opening of our internet browser and check to certain websites eg only to or to or wherever. If you can access the particular website but the website is another good, meaning there is no problem on the side of your network. The problem lies in the ISP which may be one of backbonenya damaged or broken. If at all you can not open the internet anywhere, continue to the next step.
Disconnect the telephone line to the modem or Cable line, wait a few moments for a minute and then connect it again.

Unplug the wireless router from the modem (the connection between the LAN port on the modem and the wireless router WAN port), wait a while and then continued again. If you have a separate device between the wireless router and the modem.

Restart your computer and repeat to unlock and access the website. If you can access the website but once the connection is slow while others could access the computer (if there are more than two computers in a network), you can suspect some other computers are taking a very intensive bandwidth may be streaming HD media from the internet or many make sharing files with some computers. The cap on another computer several suspicious application and if necessary turn off temporarily to ensure problem. If none of the website is open, then perform the following steps.

If you have a separate modem and wireless router, try to disconnect the connection to the wireless router and connect your computer directly to the modem. Restart your computer and try again internet access. If you successfully access to the internet, then you can be sure there is a problem with your wireless router.

If these steps still have not managed to access the internet, then surely there is a problem with your modem or there is a problem with your P IS. Phone your ISP to make sure if there is a problem with the Internet service.

Description: Disabled statusTrouble Shooting:

2. NIC or wireless adapter disabled status

Problem Analysis:

If the image above status is opaque gray it is ascertained that the adapter is in a state Disabled. There is someone who inadvertently downloading his disabled or maybe you own a fraudulent attempt to click it here and click Disable


Right-click the icon and select Enable.

Description: Limited or no connectivity statusTrouble Shooting:
3. limited or no connectivity Status

Problem Analysis:

Conditions of limited or no connectivity basically no problem with your computer, connect to the router or modem is also no problem, but the configuration of the wireless router is not perfect. It is usually associated with the router's DHCP configuration is not active or there is a connection problem between the modem and the internet (if the parties ISP provides DHCP services to clients). Troubleshooting a network with limited or no connectivity status is due to several different issues including the internet connection fails, the wireless router or adapter that is not configured correctly


Here are step-by-step solution:

Right-click the adapter and select Repair. Consider whether it is a normal connected or are still limited. This step ensures to obtain an IP address from a DHCP server.

Open the properties of TCP / IP of your adapters and make sure that TCP / IP configuration is Obtain an IP address automatically.

Disconnect the connection to the modem, wait a minute and connect again.

If there is a separate wireless router with a modem, disconnect the connection - wait a moment and connect again.

Restart your computer

Until this step is still too limited status, then see the configuration of the router or whether its DHCP configuration is already enabled.
Restart your computer. If the status is Limited or no connectivity, and if the wireless computer and the modem separately, try to disconnect the modem and the router continues to connect your computer directly to the modem. Restart the computer and check whether the status has changed.

If it is still too limited status, contact your ISP. This status indicates failure DHCP function can not provide IP addresses to clients. Usually hand ISP provides DHCP configuration to clients.

Trouble Shooting:

5. Kable disconnected or separated

Description: Status network cable is disconnected

Analysis Problems & Solutions

This condition indicates the wired connection regardless, there is no connection to the router / modem.

Check whether there kebel apart

If the cables are connected perfectly to the router / switch, try to swap to another port on the router / switch. You can also check the status lights on the router or switch when the cable is connected to the computer how the port number to connect, usually light will flash if there is a connection to the wireless router / switch on the corresponding port.

If still disconnected status, try to replace the cable network with a new one or try to borrow with the proven cable from the computer side.

If the status is still cut off, while the other computers the way - then you can suspect a defective adapter. Replace it with yangbaru.
Crimping Repeat Edge Cable RG45

Trouble Shooting:

6. Wireless adapter can not connect to the wireless network
Description: No connection to the wireless network
No connection to the wireless network
Analysis of the problem & Solution
This shows the status of your wireless connection adapter is disconnected with your wireless network. There are two possibilities, your wireless adapter can not connect to your wireless network, or intermittent wireless connection.

Trouble Shooting

7. Unindentified Network

Analysis of the problem & Solution
This issue is caused by Network Connection is not running perfectly by comparing RG45 ports that do not fit on Switch (Loose), or Pin Network Cable broke up. Solution:
1. Tighten RG45 at Port Switch
2. Repeat Edge Crimping Cable RG45
3. Installation of the cable with a new one

Trouble Shooting

8. Network Connect & Disconnect

Problem Analysis
This condition is caused by one virus Generic Host network, particularly attacking the Windows XP operating system


1. Remove Virus Generic Host On a computer
2. Re-Installing Windows
3. More Clearly Can See Here

Trouble Shooting

9. Switch Network Broadcast (lights switch Flashing Tight)

Analysis of Problems And Solutions

This condition is caused by extremely high network traffic, traffic sources can come from Internet network, there are Hang Client PC. Resulting in breaking up the network. To overcome this you can cut one point Backbone source of the problem

Trouble Shooting

10. IP Conflic

Analysis of the problem & Solution
This condition is caused no two the same ip in a single network segment, Solution:

1. You can scan IP Scanner With the Tools to find the IP Yang Conflic then merenamenya.
2. Change the IP settings to DHCP mode, the IP that is given automatically.

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