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Home » 2015 » July » 14 » Healthcare Information Technology
3:00 PM
Healthcare Information Technology

In an age that is growing rapidly, the advancement of information and communication technology very rapidly at this time brings great changes in society. Communication systems and exchanges global information via the internet can be done anytime and unhindered away place. Number Internet users is large and growing, have to realize the Internet culture. Internet also have a major influence on science, and world views.

With only berpandukan machine such as Google search, users worldwide have easy Internet access on a variety of information. Compared with books and libraries, the Internet symbolizes spread (Decentralization) / knowledge (knowledge) information and data in the extreme.

The development of the Internet also has affected economic development. Various buying and selling which previously could only be done by face-to-face (and some very small by mail or telephone), is now very easy and often done via the Internet. Transactions through Internet is known as e-commerce. Education plays an important role in people's lives for the better and professional. Search media science one of them is the internet.

Although one side of the internet provides benefit that allows users to access educational science but on the other have an adverse effect. For example infringement or violation of privacy, theft and other etc. The medical world can not avoid the influence of the Internet itself. In the field of medicine, the rapid development of the internet is acting as a means of exchange information and communication without limits discussion forum and also the birth of medical scientific disciplines medical informatics. 

One of the benefits is to look for or get the science education in the field of health. Now, many people are looking for more information passes through the Internet. Therefore we need to know used in the search for quality health information or the right sources. With using the Internet as a medium for direct consultation. Indeed unconscious communication between patient and doctors or medical teams of health professionals need to be built to avoid the negative impact Internet Health.

Progress problem spur rapid human development in many ways. We can search for good health information natural health, physical health, social health and well-being psychology. We can also communicate with other people even joined in the network social health.

Information technology plays an important role various sectors of life so it is important to increase human resource capacity in operation and increased capacity. And could ultimately benefit everyone and all sectors life. Extraordinary development of the Internet removes restriction area and time. Internet so has rapidly penetrated into various sectors, one of which health.

Information Technology and computer communication is an important part of various information. So fast development Medical science each day and even every minute. It is therefore very useful in tengahtengah internet community. Information and communication technology used in health care. With use of health services based on information technology to improve the quality human life. Therefore, the challenge for us the wider community and governments improving health services. With health services based on Information Technology and Communication will reduce errors. Because when using the manual it will relying on paper documents and eventually will lead to mistakes and take time a lot. Even helped dokte, nurses and other medical personnel to exchange electronic information so as to provide efficiency. Resulting in direct cooperation through the internet.

Communication between patients and medical personnel need to be built to avoid the impact of internet abuse in health. While utilizing the internet in order improve the quality of health services. In my opinion, the development of Information and Communication Technology is very important for medicine. However, I am more specific to the world of medicine or health clinic section (HOUSE SICK). Where the very rapid development of the Internet there. All requirements and information for patients included in the internet.

Applications of Information and Communication Technology Health is very helpful in between the two sides (all) good doctors, nurses, managers hospitals, and patients, or all of which participate in the example As health Application of Information Technology and Communication in Health or a HOSPITAL: Smart card-based systems (smart card) can be used to determine the history of medical interpreters disease patients who come to the hospital because the card is the medical interpreter can know the history of the patient's illness. The use of robots to assist the process of surgery as well as the use of three-dimensional computer imaging results to show the location of the tumor in the body patients. Information technology has many roles in helping humans (patients) and solve problem. Helping humans (patients) in: increase productivity, improve effectiveness, increase efficiency, improve quality, enhance creativity, Problem Solving (breakdown problem). Do not ask the patient to adapt to technology but adjust technology with patients (humans). 

The responsibility of users of information technology will provide an important role in maximizing the performance of information technology. The role played by the user is to know how to using information technology and limitations in various situations, the user must be able to using information technology properly and ethically so as not to violate the rights, privacy and the presence of others, the user must protect the data and information in the system computer or sent over a network, from loss and damage. Inside the hospital, the Internet will be of much help to the medical world.

Technology information and computer communications today is the problem of the rapid flow of information. In the medical world, with the development of knowledge so fast (less than 750,000 recent article in the journal medicine published every year), the doctor will quickly fall behind if it does not take advantage of the various tool to update the latest developments. In the hospital made its members of patients using health services the card (member card) to facilitate information and to simplify the way health operation. Based health care information and communication technology (ICT) computer, or so-called e-Health, the center gets a lot of attention of the world.

Especially caused by the promise and opportunity that technology can improve the quality of life manusia.Pengertian own e-Health can be broadly significant new fields of knowledge which is crosses of medical information, public health, and business related to services and health information is exchanged or enhanced through the Internet channel and technology related to it. (Gunter Eysenbach, J Med Internet Res 2001; 3 (2): e20). Within the meaning of wider, e-Health can be defined as not only the development of health care technology, but also includes pemgembangan attitudes, behavior, commitment, and ordinances thinking developing health services by using information and communication technology.

So, a HOSPITAL desperate need of e-Health that will be useful as a service to patients. A patient comes, and given that there is a card member means handling still general to reduce and prevent disease in the suffering of patients. The role of computers to exchange data over the Internet into a vital health in health service delivery. Because the data are not only writings but even picture sound. So it should not use health services using computers potluck as we see at the moment. And the Internet creates a 24-hour service. So in administration not possible is restricted.

When the development of diseases around the world grow and medical devices become more sophisticated, we need to know it, probably in the early stages, indeed cost more, but after sustained health services via the internet giving the advantage of cost savings, for example of paper documents and spending energy saving is needed in the administration. The development of Information and Communication Technology change change demanding human experience in order to get a better life. However, should any changes be limited the rule of law country and culture of Indonesia. Not demanding man adjusting with changes due to changes in information technology but adjust with information technology human.

User or users play an important role in maximizing the performance of information technology. So we should know how to use technology ethically. When users knowing there will be no violation of rights or privacy. In conclusion, the rapid advances in information and communication technologies, especially the Internet has affecting various aspects of human life, including medicine. The Internet has become a source of information largest, most complete, and the latest in the field of medicine. In addition, the medical community in all over the world are now able to communicate without boundaries on the internet. Internet also serves as the scientific discussion forums of the medical community.

And the emergence of informatics disciplines medicine is closely related to modern information technology. Is not likely to be a the prevalence for a surgeon to perform the operation at the computer being patients were much in other parts of the world.

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