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Home » 2015 » June » 19 » Health & Fitness
6:07 AM
Health & Fitness

Definition Fitness

Physical fitness is the ability and the body's ability to make adjustments (adaptation) of the exemption fiisk given to him (on work done everyday) without causing excessive fatigue. Not cause significant fatigue point is after someone doing an activity / event, still have enough spirit and energy to enjoy leisure time and for other purposes sudden.


The types of fitness

  • Health-related fitness: physical fitness related to health.
  • Motor related fitness: physical fitness-related skills.

The components

1. Components of health-related fitness

  • Durability heart lung (cardiorespiratory endurance)
  • Strength of muscles (muscle strength)
  • Durability of muscle (muscle endurance)
  • Flexibility / flexibility (flexibility)
  • Lomposisi body (body composition)

2. Components of skill related fitness

  • Speed ​​(speed)
  • Explosive power (power)
  • The balance (balance)
  • Agility (agility)
  • Coordination (coordination)
  • And plus components of health-related fitness.

1. Definition of Health

Health is a state of physical, mental and social perfectly, not just the mere absence of disease, not just only the mere absence of disease.

Various health:

  • Healthy physical
  • Spiritually healthy

Aspects of one's health are as follows:

1. Physical health is achieved if someone does not feel and complain of pain or the absence of complaints and is objectively not look sick. All organs functioning normally or not impaired.
2. Mental health (mental) includes three components, namely mind, emotional, and spiritual.

  • Common sense is reflected in the way of thinking or way of thinking.
  • Emotional reflected healthy person's ability to express his emotions, such as fear, joy, worry, sadness and so on.
  • Healthy Spiritual reflected in the way a person in expressing gratitude, praise, trust and so on to something beyond this mortal realm, the Almighty God (Allah in Islam). For example, can be seen from the spiritual healthy person's religious practices.
  • In other words, a healthy spiritual is a situation where a person to worship and all the rules of their religion.

3. Social Health realized if someone were able to relate to other people or other groups as well, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or belief, social status, economic, political, and so forth, as well as tolerance and mutual respect.
4. Health of the economic aspect is seen when a person (adult) productive, in the sense of having activities that produce something that can contribute to his own life or his family financially. For those who are immature (student or students) and elderly (retired), by itself this restriction does not apply. Therefore, for these groups, which are socially productive force, which has activities that are useful for their lives later on, for example, for students or student achievement, and social activities, religious, or other social services for the elderly.

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