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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » Foods From Spain
8:50 AM
Foods From Spain

1.Tortilla de patatas

tortilla de patatas that means tortilla of potatoes, .Of course of manufacture are of eggs and tortilla besides kentang..banyak types but most are just modifications resep..karena tortilla which is merely made of eggs and potatoes ..

2. The croquetas

croquetas croquette here is almost the same as in Indonesia which is made of a mixture of meat, vegetables, herbs and jerky with bread crumbs then in goreng..hanya alone in spain usually use pork as seasoning trademark ..

3.Paella de arroz
paella de arroz is the most famous food of spain, .bentuknya similar to the yellow rice, but the taste and how to make it very different from ,, paella de arroz has a very unique flavor ,, the rice is very soft and is equipped with a very complementary variatif..di Inside are meat, shrimp, etc. cumi2 according to taste ..

4.Fabada asturiana

asturiana fabada bean stew is spain who accompanied with pork which called chorrizo, .chorrizo is fermented pork during bertahun2..termasuk one of the foods or food ingredients that are scattered in many countries due to a unique taste ..

pisto is typical Spanish food which is made from eggplant and food ingredients typical of the Spanish lainnya..tentu just feels really enjoy doing the vegetarian in many negara..karena made entirely of vegetable material ..

6.Potaje de lentejas
Potaje de lentejas is spanish food that way of making the most inexpensive but tastes very delicious and unique, Usually the food is a lot on offer in penjara2 Spain because that tends to be very low price ..

gazpachelo is food that was not the only village in the favorite people of the village but pretty much enjoy doing orang2 of the city ..

8.En blanco de Pescada

en blanco de Pescada is food which is made from fish, .sesuai with Pescada name which means fish and blanco which means putih..masakan is made from fish sauce that has a very jernih..bisa in saying like fish soup ..

albondigas Spanish cuisine that is very similar to meatballs appearance is round and made of meat spenuhnya, ..but it feels very different and unique ,, in which there is a poached egg and seasoning antecedent potong2 saosnya that strengthen uniqueness to taste ..

10.Patatas fritas con huevos fritos
patatas fritas which means huevos fritos fried potatoes and fried eggs which means of course no stranger to this kind of food for us it's just the manufacture of eggs that half mateng make this masaqkan be different ..

11.Estofado de carne con patatas
Estofado de carne con patatas hasap means meat with potatoes, .tambahannya in the sauce that gives the dish a special flavor ..

12.Papas arrugás
arrugas papas this is just plain boiled potatoes antecedent sprinkle with special sauce flavoring characteristic of this cuisine ...

13.Puré de patatas o de verduras
pure de patatas means pureed potatoes o = and de verduras means of vegetables, So there are two types in this porridge no reply from potatoes and some of the vegetables ,, how making porridge is not so difficult to just boil the potatoes and allow to melt grading water-slightly so that the taste can be very lumpy porridge ..

14.Habas con jamón
Habas con jamon is a vegetable of peanut in sprinkle with Iberico, .jamon is ham from pigs that feels different from the ham that we usually find in Indonesia ,, he has a different flavor to many countries recognize Iberico ham from spain as the best .. ,

15.Empanada gallega
empanada gallega includes dishes which can be categorized as a cake but it tasted quite filling for portions such as sandwiches and maybe we will mengategorikannya as hard because the layer sandwich bread like pizza thin crispy enough ,.

16.Bacalao a la vizcaina
bacalao a la vizcaina is meat coated with cream delights, Of course it feels very special especially saosnya distinctive ..

17.Gambas al Pilpil Cocido de garbanzos y Puchero
gambas that means prawns, .garbanzos is typical bean dish spain ,, is not the same as other shrimp dishes because of the way of making alone is different especially coupled garbanzos which has the flavor of savory and very special ..

18.Porra antequerana
Porra antequerana is soup from one of the villages in spain which has a distinctive soup distinctive flavor of this soup and other sop2 ,.

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