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Home » 2015 » July » 2 » Energy Efficient Space Heaters
7:05 AM
Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Digging further information about heating, especially the type of infrared heater, as well as the differences and advantages compared to conventional heater.

Heating, yes probably not many who use these devices in the home - home. Therefore, the weather conditions in Indonesia is already quite warm, so the use of this tool is very rare to encounter .. However, it does not mean nobody is using it. We can still find heating or so-called heater is in the area - specific area, such as in a hotel or in a steam room. To that end, this time we will dig deeper about features, how to work, and home appliances advantage of this one.

Infrared heater: Description and How It Works

One type of heater that is quite popular is the type of infrared heater. This type of heater uses infrared waves to heat the area around him. Heating this model called - called more energy efficient and environmentally friendly compared to the conventional heating. How it works is a bit different, because it uses waves, the heat radiation generated just felt if we're nearby or are still in the area of ​​wave exposure.

When we get away a little from the direction of the wave, then we can not feel the heat that is generated. In other words, these tools do not heat the entire room as well as the existing air in the room, but to the specific object / personal where the tool is directed.

Conventional Vs Heater Infrared Heater

Heating conventional heater or heat the whole room which Conventional through a process called convection. Focus more conventional heater to warm the surrounding air, so that the automatic anyone who was in the area will feel warm. The process is the same as happened in the oven. Heating models like this might be appropriate for a small room and closed, but not to a large open room.

Infra Red Heater

In contrast to the conventional heater, infrared heater works by emitting infrared waves. And as long as you or anyone - people are still in a radius of radiance, then that person will feel warm. When you shift a little, you will not be able to feel the heat at all. The working principle is similar to sunlight. We will feel warm when we stand facing the direction of the sun. But if we move away, the warmth intensity will decrease.

To that end, the heating type is suitable for areas with minimal obstructions, so that exposure to the infrared waves can be directly on the body. Therefore, the wave infra red will work instantly as the wave contact with the human body. Spacious room types and open may be very suitable for the use of this type of heater, such as storage sheds or garages.

Infrared heater is also often used for aea - residential areas, even the business area, particularly in countries - European and American countries where the weather can be extremely cold conditions. Infrared heater helps those who work in a spacious room, eg in a car repair shop or in the warehouse, in order to feel warm. By doing so, the warm feeling just of people - people who are in it alone, while the other devices in the room will not be affected.

Energy Consumption

Because infrared heater works by using electrical energy, then the energy consumption needs of approximately equal to the conventional heater. Although the use of electric energy consumption is still relatively high enough energy, to reduce electric bill, you could just use a space heater periodically and not continuously. Just turn on when the heating is needed or when there are people who were in the room. This may be realized for regions with climatic conditions tend to be cool and moist. As for regions with cold climate conditions throughout the day, of course, dependent on heating this will be even greater.

Although in terms of energy consumption are the two types of heater have the same portion, but when calculated in detail the infrared heater will remain more efficient. Therefore, infrared heater will immediately provide hot or warm effect immediately after the appliance is turned on, so that no time is wasted. While the conventional heater, it is necessary lag time to feel the effects of the heat, because these tools need to heat the surrounding air before he could be felt by people who were in the room.

But if you live in an area with temperature conditions under freezing or zero degrees, then you should use the conventional heater. Therefore, the conventional heater will keep the pipes or hoses that exist on these devices keep warm, so it will not freeze and be fatal.

Use - the use of Others

As already mentioned above, the Infrared heater can also be found in the sauna. The device does not use the sauna stove to warm sauna or steam, but uses infrared waves so that people - people who are in it can feel the heat.

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