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Home » 2015 » July » 4 » Compare Electricity And Gas
2:55 PM
Compare Electricity And Gas

On rainy days or cold weather, hot baths will feel comfortable both when taking a shower in the morning and at night before bed. I will share some tips on choosing and buying a water heater shower. Gas Water Heater As the name implies, this water heater works with LPG, which incidentally is now its cheaper cost of electricity, much less electricity from the generator itself.

Gas water heater has a square shape that is not too big, but not too small. Characteristics above this water heater there is a cylindrical hole that serves as a chimney (exhaust) to dispose of the products of combustion fumes. Do not be afraid to hear the term chimney because there actually does not look any smoke coming out of this, just because of the way they work is to burn water passing through it, the chimney is still needed.

In addition to the relatively low usage costs, another advantage of this gas water heater is hot water available almost instantly, it only takes about 3-5 seconds since turned on the water that flows out is hot. Many people are worried about gas leaks if the fire is extinguished, but actually it does not need to worry because this type of water heater is equipped with an auto cut off the gas if the flame goes out and automatically turn off the flame when the flow of water flowing less tight.

Things that may need to be a concern is the need to hose pipes for gas supply to the water heater. If the house has been planned since waking up will install this type of water heater, hose it can be planted in the wall so neat and invisible. Even the gas cylinders can be put in place that is far away and does not need to be raised to the top floor if the water heater is installed on the top floor because of the nature of the gas automatically flows to higher ground. In addition, if a gas water heater installed in the bathroom, make sure there must be an exhaust fan for removing smoke combustion.

Although the smoke is invisible, colorless, odorless and is not dangerous, but if it accumulates a lot especially when in the bathroom that no ventilation holes remain to be dangerous when it accumulates a lot. The price ranges from 500 thousand - 1 million. Electric Water Heater There are 2 types of water heaters use the same power supply, electric water heater with an electric water heater tank and without tank (tankless). Ancient times, which are found is an electric water heater with a tank. The characteristics of the water heater tank is its large, usually circular horizontal or vertical. Due to great physical, most people put it outside the bathroom but there is also hung in the bathroom.

The workings of the water heater is simple, it is actually a big round shape and it is a water tank to store hot water reserve unused. Therefore, for the use of this type of water heater can enjoy the hot water flowed from the first moment. If the water in the tank a long time not used, the water will slowly cools. In order to maintain the temperature of hot water reserves remain quite hot, so when it starts to cool, the water heater will come back alive to heat the water in the tank in order to reach a certain temperature.

And so on repeatedly, so using this type of water heater is generally more wasteful electricity costs, above all in the house where people are few or seldom used. Many used or rarely used, the cost difference just a little electrical load. Bertangki electric water heater price is relatively expensive (2-5 million depending on the capacity of the water tank) because great physical form and construction tube should be free of rust, nor require wrapping with a special material that the point is to maintain that its hot water do not easily disappear. That lately more popular is the electric water heater without tank. Small shape, beautiful and easy installation.

But keep in mind is this type of water heater consumes electricity is very big, reaching 2 000 Watt. If the house is its installed power PLN only 10 amperes, once drawn by this water heater plus 2x fluorescent lamp, run out deh. Indeed there is also a similar sell water heaters with low Watt, 350 Watt but only eitts, whoa. Why electric water heater requires a huge power up to 2,000 watts, is none other than to be able to provide hot water as soon as possible so required. Because he did not have a reserve of hot water ready for use, the water is heated as soon as the tap is opened, water heater needs to be immediately heat it as soon as possible. Water heater 2,000 Watt still takes 5-10 seconds a new hot running water.

If using a water heater that said energy-saving electricity consumes only 350 watts, it is necessary to wait about 3-4 minutes of hot water that came out recently. Lest shower event was already going over. The price of an electric water heater without tank relatively inexpensive, ranging for 400 thousand - 600 thousand already can get. One of the major concerns of people will be electric water heater was electrocuted. Actually it is very, very rare, especially in all the electric water heater is always already included safety anti-contact MLCB (= Main Line Circuit Breaker) is the point cut off electricity in the event of a short circuit or electric shock. However, half a year ago I just heard from a friend in Medan, a neighbor died electrocuted hot water while on holiday in their own villa in Berastagi.

This age-old may be the only case electrocuted hot water when showering which I heard directly from reliable sources. Solar Water Heater water heater of this type rely on the sun to heat the water. That's why the makers of this type always include a very large tank because the sun does not shine 24 hours. Large tank was pointless to hold sufficient hot water to be consumed so many people in one house. Some types of solar water heater is also equipped with an electric heater that point is still guaranteeing the supply of hot water when the rainy season when the sun rarely shines where scorching. Once installed, this type of water heater with almost no maintenance and operating costs are not out any more because quite exposed to the sun alone.

Therefore, for the large rumanya, many family members are very suitable to install solar water heaters even more so for us who live around the equator that throughout the year always gets sufficient sunlight. Just unfortunately these things are expensive, teens to twenties million depending on the capacity of the storage tank, beyond the cost of pairs of relatively expensive as well as it needs to be installed in high places, is not hindered building / tree in order to receive maximum sun exposure.

Heat Exchanger Water Heater Named heat exchanger is due to the heat source of heating water is taken from the hot air exhaled by the AC compressor house. As we know that to cool the room, air conditioning compressor pumps rely home freon air condenses and instead the heat removed by the compressor exit. The working principle water heater's heat exchanger is to collect heat removed by the compressor and then poured into water storage tubes to heat the water there. This type of water heater does not have a specific form other than having a hot water storage tank as well as on other types of water heaters.

Water heater with heat exchange working principle is actually a solution that is highly efficient and inexpensive because it did not need to incur additional costs other than just paying the cost of electricity due to the use of air conditioning alone. So besides getting the chill of air conditioning, as well as utilize the exhaust heat for heating water.

This type of water heater nothing is sold "ready for use", meaning that it needs assembled themselves as required. But the trouble with not many people who understand the workings and installation techniques so not easy to find builders who can directly post. In addition it should also consider the factor of the distance between the compressor to the water heater tank and the distance to the bathroom. That is because the nature of heat propagation is quickly lost if it should be passed on to the media long enough.

The price itself is not cheap either, ranging from 8 millions - tens of millions (excluding the price of its own AC).

Portable Water Heater

Have not found a suitable option? Consider a portable water heater. The actual components inside the heater electric water heater above the same expensive, the shape of the heating element is more or less like the picture next. Only after in-packaging in such a way, added water-tight storage tank temperature, and added temperature sensors and automatic switch, the price becomes expensive. If our concern is in the price, then one option is quite cheap, price is only around 50 thousand - 70 thousand. How to use it too easy, prepare a bucket of water, dip the water heater and plug into the mains.

Check if hot water is sufficient, if it is, unplug the power jack and can begin a bath. Note also the water heater is also available from the "energy saving" the 350 Watt to 2,000 Watt that. The difference is the same as I described above. Because here is a bucket of water needs to be heated more (instead of water flow as above), then the heating 2,000 Watt takes about 5 minutes to heat a bucket of water, while the 350 Watt heating may take 15-20 minutes.

Traditional Water Heater This one felt it was I do not need to say much more. If there among the readers who do not know how to boil water for a hot shower, go home the same question Ma, or grandmother, or aunt, or aunt, teteh, or a parking lot in front of the office was surely knows :)

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