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Home » 2015 » July » 3 » Automotive Hand Tools
10:22 AM
Automotive Hand Tools

Hand tool is a tool that is easy to carry - which by a technician.

Kind of - kind hand tools, among others:

a. Screwdriver

This hand tool used to open the screws.
screwdriver divided into 2 types:

  • Negative screwdriver -
  • Positive screwdriver +
  • offset screwdriver
  • screwdriver spiral


  • Screwdriver - and screwdriver + pointless to unscrew grooved min (-) or the grooved screw plus (+)
  • Function offset screwdriver to turn the screw as the second form is bent screwdriver tip
  • Screwdriver spiral how it works by pressing a screwdriver on the screw, the screwdriver spiral will spin, pen drive can be set according to the desired direction of rotation.

b. Pliers

there is a wide - forms of pliers, among others:

combination pliers
These pliers can be used for several purposes: holding the workpiece, cutting and twisting

pliers rounding
usually used to make the eyes duck.

cutting pliers
used only for cutting wire, copper, zinc, etc.

pliers holder
used to hold the workpiece with pliers mouth wide and shaft can be shifted or changed.

pliers old sister
used to clamp or pull out nails.

c. Cable peeler

usually used for cable insulation flaking.
for peeling small size wires, it can use a tool specially wired peeler.

2. Tools

For work or complete an electrical installation work, in addition to using hand tools often used tool tooling aids, among others:

a. Key

the key question here is a tool made of hardened steel and chrome plated or nickel that are not easily wear out where the function key is used to rotate the bolt / nut.

b. Hammer / hammer

Hammer is a tool to hit. size hammerhead hammerheads are set according to the weight in kg unit, kind of - kind hammer: hammer nails, hammer head round, matil rubber, etc.

c. Hacksaw

Used for cutting objects - objects made of metal or alumenium.

d. Steel ruler

Made of stainless steel and have a size in mm and inches, is used as the average - average and average or check whether an object.

e. Stingy

Miser used to smooth or flatten an object made of metal. miser divided into 2 types: smooth stingy and miserly rough.

f. Drill

Drill used to make the hole either of wood or metal. By type there are two kinds of drill, namely electric hand drill and drill.

g. Vice (vise)

Vise is used to clamp or hold objects that will be done for easy process.

h. Vacuum Tin

Solder attractor (Desoldering iron) tool is actually no less important bial we want to improve the electronic devices that often replace the component. Its main function to remove tin pcb if we want to remove the components.

i. Tweezers

Tweezers are used to to hold the components when installed in the tightest, clamping or holding the component in order to avoid the sweat of our fingers, helping to reduce heat when soldering semiconductor components while also distancing the hand of accidents due to exposure to a hot soldering iron.

j. Experiment board

Project experiment board board (euro board / bread board) will also be very useful if you do not want difficult to experiment with making PCB (Printed Circuit Board). All that is still very small compared with the modern equipment that is now on the market. For other equipment can catch up does not need us to buy it all at once anyway not necessarily so useful for electronics

Wrench is used to tighten and remove bolts and nuts are not too strong moments pengencangannya or head bolts and nuts that have been loosened with a key ring.

Construction Pas keys, wrenches made of high tensile steel is chrome vanadium alloy, this key mepunyai stem (shank) with a head on each end that makes an angle of 15 degrees to the shaft

Key Specifications Pas, units of measure wrenches consist of mm (metric) and inch (imperial). To measure a metric unit mm to 80 mm. But are commonly used in automotive is 6 mm with increased every 1 mm to 36 mm in size, except for the size of 31,33,34 and 35 mm are not provided.

In the automotive repair workshop or bench is known, there are two types of tools that work the Working Hand Tools and Tool Automotive Automotive Machine Tool Working both devices are distinguished on which the driving force for the machine tool move it using auxiliary power from the engine, while using a power hand tool muscle / hand manusia.dengan other words is the hand tool work tool whose use always use the power of human hands. be used common hand tools in the automotive world: - repair commonly used for automotive vehicles, namely:

  • Wrench
  • Key Ring
  • Combination lock
  • Lock socket
  • English lock / key that can be set
  • Wheel locks
  • Busi key
  • Screwdriver

Standard Automotive repair and bench work equipment, including:

  • Jack
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Saw
  • Vise
  • Stingy
  • Drill
  • Sney and Tap
  • Chisel
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