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Home » 2015 » July » 4 » Credit Card Pay
0:48 AM
Credit Card Pay

After we discussed about how to use the right credit card, of course, is not complete if we do not discuss also about how credit card payment right, now we will review thoroughly the method of payment.
Earlier we discussed previously regarding the mechanism of credit card payment in your credit card issuing bank, how and what you should do.

Here are the steps mechanism:

  • Please come to your Card Issuer Bank (up to 1 day before the due date listed on your credit card bill dibiling)
  • Take a Deposit Slip (not all banks provide a special credit card payment slip, payment slip is usually equal to the cash deposit slip, if the fear of one please ask the security guard)
  • In the name fill in your name
  • In the account number, you fill in your Credit Card Number
  • After the Queued in teller

When you Confused, we advice you to meet customer service the bank and say you want to pay your credit card bill.

It is a payment mechanism, now we will discuss the method of payment such as what you can use. Based on the implementation to date, the system of credit card payment mode can be four ways:

1. Minimum Payment

payment system where you are allowed to pay 10% of the total bill is printed (we strongly discourage the payment system in this way, it is because the system of compound interest (compound interest) are applied the credit card issuing bank).

2. Full Payment

payment system where you are allowed to pay the total bill is printed
(Our Very Suggest payment system in this way, especially if you pay your bills before the due date, then you will not be charged interest)

3. Instalment Payment

payment system where you are allowed to change your total bill is printed into a fixed installment for a period of 3/6/12 months according to your ability. (We Recommend payment in this way as an alternative to the payment of your bills, because the interest charged to you is Flat, not flowers Floating or compound interest)

4. Repayment Gestun

payment system where you use the services of a string of cash to pay all your bills. (We Do not Recommend payment system in this way, it is because when you use the services of friction cash to pay your bills then you will be charged Double Fee Administration, where the first fee is charged when the gestun pay your bills, and the fee charged when the draw gestun their money back from your card)

Most people think that the payment is to utilize the services gestun their bill payment solution, but NOT AT ALL, because forever your debt will not be reduced at all, and it would be better if the money you use to pay for Double Fee Administration, you use to pay bills you.

Perhaps it is true that utilize the services of gestun is the solution, but only a solution to keep you on the social impact (there will be no billing office or home) but not a solution to reduce the amount of your bill.

Then how the right method of payment and flexible according to your ability:

  • You must have the intention to pay the bill (This is important because it is the basis for Reducing bill)
  • Set aside your funds each month a minimum of 5% or a minimum 100ribu (which one is greater) of the total bill
  • Borrow money to relatives / friends / anyone who can lend money without interest amounting to 95% of the total of your bill and tell them that tomorrow will be the maximum money you return (you do not need to fear, because as soon as the credit card, the limit will be paid back you can take a full and again all)
  • Go to the bank and pay all your bills
  • After 2 Hours go somewhere gestun and pull back the sum of money you borrow it, and administrative costs are taken out of the rest of your limit
  • Return the money that you borrowed last

Methods of payment method is a combination of all the above payment way, if you want to do not want to incur administrative costs gestun so that the money you pay is not reduced, you can go where spending (we suggest you to store electronic or mobile phones that accept payment by credit card ) look for one visitor who want to buy goods such place and ask for permission to pay their purchases with your credit card and they handed over the cash to you.

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