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Home » 2015 » July » 5 » Best Online Banks
2:44 PM
Best Online Banks

Know Your Online Savings

Technology developments followed by the development of digital users. This is due to the technology is able to provide more benefits, especially in supporting our lifestyle is becoming increasingly demanded fast-paced, precise, simple and practical.

The challenges we face every day has increased, ranging from solid activity, work piling up, and the traffic is increasingly bogged down for those who live in big cities.

Technological developments also true in terms of saving money. Although, we have solid activity, of course, still have to think of the future through good financial planning.

For those of you who still feel hard to save, refer to the article 5 Ways Saving Seru.

Saving is one of the instruments to manage or financial planning. Of course, the savings in time we now expect to benefit more without having taken the trouble to get it. Do you agree?

Benefits of Online and Digital Banking Savings

Therefore hadirlah ease financial services, known as Savings Online. Savings benefits of online and digital banking, among others, as follows:

1. Save time, simple, practical and comfortable.

Because usually the bank to provide facilities or special services in creation / registration savings.

2. Part of the modern lifestyle.

Apart from the registration service, in general, the bank provides ease of financial services such as mobile banking, mobile apps, internet banking, check balances, account transfers, etc. The bottom line of our bank account access, anytime and anywhere.

3. Promo and special services.

Because the benefits of online savings or digital banking has not been widely understood by the whole society, the bank gives special promotions so that people switch to digital banking services. Promotion is given, among others: higher interest rates, rewards points, certain merchant discount, and others.

4. National Movement of Non-Cash (GNNT).

The Government and Bank Indonesia in 2014 introduced GNNT ago. This movement aims to raise public awareness of the use of non-cash instruments, thus gradually formed a community or society more use of non-cash instruments (Less Cash Society / LCS), particularly in conducting transactions on their economic activities. Why non-cash? By switching to non-cash transactions, the risk of crimes such as money laundering, robbery and others can be reduced or even eliminated. Movement to switch to non-cash is also able to reduce the level of money circulation in Indonesia. Did you know that the higher circulation of money will lead to inflation in the Indonesian economy. The new know? :)

Comparison of Simple Savings Online

Once we know the benefits of online savings and digital banking, the next question is what Bank provides banking best digital services? Let's look at a few services online savings bank in Indonesia following.

Stages of Bank BCA ( accessed on March 28, 2015)

  • Has four savings products with diverse features include: Stages (minimum initial deposit of Rp. 500,000), Stages Xpresi (minimum initial deposit + card Rp. 75,000), Tapres (minimum initial deposit of Rp. 5 million) and BCA Dollar (minimum initial deposit USD 100 or SGD 200).
  • Data account opening through KlikBCA website to get a reference number, then prospective customers keep coming to the branch office nearest BCA to conduct account opening. (Still coming to the branch office)
  • Digital banking facilities through BCA SMS, m-BCA, BCA mobile and Click BCA.

Mandiri Savings Bank Mandiri ( accessed on March 28, 2015)

  • Opening an account is done in all branches of the bank with a minimum initial deposit of Rp. 500,000. (Not yet online).
  • Digital banking facilities through Mandiri SMS, e-Cash Mandiri, Mandiri e-Money, Mandiri Internet and Mandiri Call for the convenience of transacting anywhere and anytime.
  • Weekend Banking services on Saturday and Sunday at several branches.

Savings Plus from Bank BNI ( accessed on March 28, 2015)

  • Opening an account is done in all branches of Bank BNI with an initial deposit of Rp 500,000 (bead) or Rp 250,000 (outside jabodetabek). (Not yet online).
  • Digital banking facilities include Card BNI, BNI Phone Banking, SMS Banking BNI, BNI Internet Banking and BNI Token.

Savings Britama of Bank BRI ( accessed on March 28, 2015)

  • Opening an account is done in all branches of Bank BRI with a minimum initial deposit of Rp. 250,000. (Not yet online)
  • Digital banking facilities include SMS Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, SMS notifications, etc.
  • Personal accident insurance. Every customer with a minimum balance of Rp 500,000, - is entitled to personal accident insurance (personal accident) for a sum of 250% of the final balance or a maximum of Rp.150.000.000, -

Online Savings Sinarmas of Bank Sinarmas ( accessed on March 28, 2015)

  • Opening an account online without having to come to the branch office with an initial deposit of Rp. 50,000. There is currently a promo where savings balances could 10x and deposit rates of up to 9%. Detailed information directly to or click the button below.
  • Digital banking facilities include internet banking, phone banking, mobile Simas, Simobi Plus.

Registration Online Savings Bank Sinarmas

Online Savings Sinarmas: 50,000 saving can be 10 times the bonus balance

Best Digital Banking Services

A new innovation launched from Bank Sinarmas, namely Sinarmas Digital Banking service that allows people financially independent. Moreover as online savings, we do not need to bother to come to the bank to perform account opening.

Another advantage for those who are new customers of Bank Sinarmas, currently being held Special Programme where initial deposit to open an online account which only Rp. 50,000 only, and will be doubled to Rp. 500,000 with terms and conditions apply. Check out the various advantages of the Sinarmas Digital Banking as follows:

Rp.50.000.- saving can be 10 times the bonus balance
Special deposit rate of 9%
E-Voucher is Rp 100,000 and a 20% discount on En Dining Restaurant and more

How to get digital service banking Sinarmas is very easy, sign up through then please register online. You will get a confirmation via email. Furthermore, the initial funds transfer and bank officer will come to you (do not need to come to the bank branch). Officers will provide ATM and we complement the data confidential and signature.

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